Lose weight, get in shape and feel better with DISQ’s resistance training. DISQ is the workout you wear: a wearable device (with belt and ankle straps) that adds resistance to your movements. Combined with DISQ workout plans via our fitness app and you’re on your way to better results in a shorter time.

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Your body is electric. It turns energy into motion. PowerDot harnesses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to maximize your body’s efforts. You select the muscle groups you want to target and an impulse is sent to the pods that causes your muscles to activate. It’s that simple.

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Recoverite is an Australian company founded in Adelaide by two local endurance athletes looking for an easy way to ice up after training, racing or playing sport to prevent injuries.

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Recovery Pump

The cornerstone of the RP Sports brand and the leaders in aggressive muscle recovery. The most portable and powerful compression pumps combined with revolutionary garments make RecoveryPump the Choice of Champions. Check out the new 8-Chambered RecoveryPants and 8-Chambered Half-Jacket, which are like nothing else on the market.

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Recovery Tub

RP Sports offers a range of Inflatable Ice Baths designed to be used in any location. Easy and quick to install, RecoveryTub’s three sizes can accommodate from 1 – 6 athletes; all are light and compact for easy transport.

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